b. 1986, HK.

What we say:

We're Josh and Steve, a creative team in London.

We met at University. We then spent 6 years at VCCP, making work for people like O2, easyJet, McLaren and The RFL.

Right now, we’re Associate Creative Directors at Creature. We’ve made and overseen work for people like Checkatrade, The British Red Cross, Carwow, Freshpet, Good Energy, and loads more.

In our time we’ve made dogs cry, danced through airports, chased someone through the forest with a family sedan, edited a book for new parents, played an 18+ song on daytime TV (sorry), helped a cat chase 250,000 frisbees, and tried to kill rugby players with fire.

What YouTube says:

"Utterly pretentious bollocks"
"This should be a YouTube ad”
"I had to ride a unicorn to bring manliness down to average"
"I grew chest hair after this one"
"McLaren trying to be all deep and shit"
"If using this song isn't a good reason to buy this, I don't know what is"
"My nipples could cut glass right now"

What Adland says:

Campaign Ad of the Day - Good Energy
Campaign BIG Awards 2014: Silver - Be more dog
Campaign Annual 2013: Campaign of the Year - Be more dog
FWA: Site of the day - bemoredog.com
IAB Creative Showcase: August runner-up - bemoredog.com